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一、Pre-sale services
1、The initial budget
    Once the project is determined after each step to the framework and functions settle down. A good start is half the battle, which is a definite, analysis and deletion process to find the best solution. We focus on the overall design and production problems, determine the performance requirements, aggregate operating information, thus forming a complete production line and prepare budgets. So that we can propose a feasible solution. All the information is to be strictly confidential.
2、Quoted price
    Project identification is obtained after a quote. The information provided should include the total profile, indicating quote requests, systematic technical requirements and description, equipment performance, and others. Whereby you in the selection of partners, able to offer components and system manufacturers together to make a fair judgment.
    Once the contents of the offer, the project team will officially take over. Project managers, regular meetings between salespeople and clients to understand all the details and get a final document set. File audited after manufacturing and field work for.
二、Sale of services
1、Procurement of raw materials
    Most are self-selected raw materials and accessories to ensure compatibility and favorable progress of the project. More conducive to shorten the lead-time.
2、Equipment Manufacturing
    Approval is based on the production of documents, all off-site manufacturing facilities identified through our quality control experts to meet the stringent requirements. Regular inspection to ensure compliance with quality standards.
3、Test test
    All systems are in accordance with the usual procedures association checks. If you check on your own method, we can also arrange for you.
4、Delivery starts
    Based on years of experience, the installation procedure will help to simplify the process to start debugging the device. In the equipment installation process, our engineering staff will provide guidance to the scene, and items of equipment test checks. These results will be submitted to the review on behalf of the buyer, after a show has been accepted to the system receives.
1、Training and guidance
    Before installation and equipment start, the operator will be trained. Training may be on-site to explain the operation and maintenance training.
    To ensure normal production, maintenance and spare parts can be serviced by the grid company Ling. We can target a single machinery, several lines or entire factories to develop maintenance services agreement. This may be part of the original contract, of course, can be agreed upon in the device that you just put into operation stage.
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