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Rising film evaporator principle and scope of application
Published : 2015-03-13  Browse :
Rising film evaporator and a falling film evaporator structure is basically the same, the main difference is that the raw material solution is to enter from the bottom of the heating chamber, the feed liquid into the heating tubes, the heat boiling rapid vaporization; steam the rapid rise in the tube, driven by high-speed solid-liquid vapor rises, rises along the wall to form a film, and continue to evaporate. Vapor and liquid phase generated common separation chamber into the evaporator, vapor-liquid separation sufficiently low temperature vapor compressed by the compressor position, temperature, pressure increase, increase in enthalpy, and then enters the condensing heat exchanger, in order to take advantage of steam latent heat, the liquid is discharged from the separation chamber.
Rising film evaporator is suitable for evaporation, thermal, sticky, evaporation, liquid height reflux foam material - in order to get rid of the influence of gravity moves upward, thus rising film evaporator also suitable for high viscosity products and the heating surface is easy to scale products.
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