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The inner wall of the evaporator dirt removal steps
Published : 2015-03-13  Browse :
evaporator fouling hazard
Reason: The evaporator circulating cooling water contains a lot of salts, corrosion products and a variety of microorganisms, due to its water is not the evaporator side after running the water for some time will bear a lot of calcium and magnesium carbonate dirt and algae, microbial sludge, slime, etc. These dirt firmly attached to the inner surface of the brass, lead to deterioration of heat transfer, pressure increases circulation, reduces the degree of vacuum unit, affecting the efficiency of the unit, causing large economic losses.
Traditional cleaning methods commonly used chemical cleaning - pickling, this method is effective for a variety of deposit, time-saving than mechanical methods. But chemical cleaning systems and other corrosive metal parts, equipment pipeline corrosion prone to do, and at the time of discharge pollution.
Evaporator cleaning preparations
1, other systems disconnected from the evaporator independent.
2, turn on the evaporator water side high point vent valve and steam side lows guide shower valve to ensure a lot of gas cleaning process generated by the reaction can be promptly discharged and cleaning fluid fullness ; by lead leaching valve monitoring during cleaning brass heat exchanger leaks.
3, in order to corrosion cleaning effect and cleaning process monitoring system equipment before cleaning construction, will be equivalent to the device material standard corrosion test piece, monitoring pipe sections were suspended in wash slot.
Evaporator maintenance work
1) frequent evaporator leak detection work. Evaporator leaks are a common symptom, should pay attention to in the course of regular leak.
When the leak with a pungent odor, leakage point without condensation. Available phenolphthalein test strips to check for leaks, because ammonia is alkaline, the case of phenolphthalein test paper turns red. When using the saw, usually somewhere in the evaporator where frost is usually not leak, but also looking at leaks with soapy water leak.
Evaporator leak checks can be used halogen lamps and halogen leak, soapy water can also be used to find the leak. Check first with the eyes to see if there are traces of oil on the evaporator drain tube, because freon and oil miscible, when freon leak, the oil will leak out of the leak, therefore, where there are traces of oil, where it leaks. Halogen leak when used, if Freon leak somewhere, the halogen lamp burning flame from blue to greenish, light green, green, purple green, purple and other colors can determine how much the amount of freon leak. If the flame was dark green or purple, flame poisonous phosgene, can not use this method to check for a long time. In this case, soapy water to check the leak. For when you trace the leak, you should use halogen leak leak detection.
2) frequently evaporator frost conditions to be checked. When the frost layer is too thick, it is timely defrost. When frost anomaly may be caused due to blockage, it is timely to find the cause and be excluded.
3) the evaporator length towards the disabled, touch the refrigerant humble to the reservoir or the condenser, the evaporator pressure maintained at 0.05MPa (gauge pressure) is about to appropriate. If the evaporator brine pool, need to rinse with tap water, rinse in the pool filled with water.
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