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MVR Evaporator
MVR Evaporator
Product Information  
The main principle:
Mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) evaporator using a secondary steam generated in the evaporator, and compressed by the compressor, pressure, temperature, enthalpy increase, and then sent to the evaporator as the heating steam heating chamber used to make expected to maintain the boiling liquid state, and the heating steam is condensed into water itself. Thus, the original to be abandoned steam would have been fully utilized, recovering the latent heat, but also improves the thermal efficiency, raw steam economy is equivalent to multi-effect evaporation of 30 efficiency, reducing the need for external heating and cooling resources, reduce energy consumption and reduce pollution.
Mechanical vapor recompression (MVR) evaporator for milk, glucose, organic acids, VC, xylose, pharmaceutical, chemical, biological engineering, environmental engineering, waste recycling, paper, and other industries low salt concentration. Especially low boiling point elevation materials or easily evaporated materials are diluted.
System components:
By heaters, separators, compressors, vacuum pumps, circulating pumps, platforms, electrical instrumentation and control cabinet valves, piping and other system components, the structure is very simple.
>Main features:
1, MVR evaporator saving technology is currently the most advanced evaporation technology, students need only a very small amount of steam (the time required to boot a small amount of live steam, normal operation is almost never needed raw steam), significantly reduce operating costs, reduce environmental pollution.
2, the use of a compressor to provide heat, compared to conventional evaporator, the temperature difference is much smaller, can achieve moderate evaporation and greatly improve product quality, reduce fouling.
3, no or only a small area of the condenser condenser, structure and process is very simple, fully automatic operation, continuous operation, safe and reliable.
4, in the device is equipped with CIP washing lines, enabling cleaning in place to facilitate the complete equipment operation, no dead ends.
5, the evaporator is a material at a low temperature (evaporation temperature 35 ℃ -100 ℃), and does not produce a foam state was evaporated, the material was uniformly, do not run material, not easy to agglomerate, the contents were heated denaturation minimum.
6, the traditional multi-effect evaporator using fresh steam as an energy source, such as the five-effect evaporator evaporator 1 ton of water is generally consumed fresh steam 0.23 tons; mechanical compression energy MVR evaporator is energy consumption, consumption of electricity generally evaporate a ton of water 15-27 degree, the general ebullioscopic small hydropower tons of material consumption can reach 20 degrees below. Energy saving is closely related to the degree of the user's local unit price and the price of fresh steam, such as steam unit price of 180 yuan / ton, the price of 0.7 yuan per kilowatt compared with the five-effect evaporator, a ton of water evaporated per energy savings 180-20 * 0.23 * 0.7 = 27.4 yuan, such as evaporation is 100 tons, running time of 330 days a year, working 24 hours a day, the annual energy cost savings is 27.4 * 100 * 24 * 330 = 21,700,800 yuan. MVR evaporator than the five-effect evaporator saving more than 60%.
7, MVR mechanical compression evaporators price is 2 times up and down the multi-effect evaporation, for new projects, more investment differences, investment purchases MVR spend more investment generally run in 300 days recoverable. For mechanical compression with MVR evaporator replaces the original multi-effect evaporation energy-saving projects, renovation investment generally run in 500 working days to be recovered.
Comparison of annual energy costs and more efficient enrichment equipment and general MVR enrichment equipment
Classification Multi-effect evaporation plant concentrates TVR concentrated evaporation equipment MVR evaporator enrichment equipment
Primary energy Steam Electricity
1 ton of water evaporation energy consumption branch> 0.22-0.6 ton (steam) 12-30KWH (electric)
Compare the energy consumption (for example); Evaporation 40 t / H, steam Price: 170RMB / ton; Electric Price: 0.6RMB / KwH, the number of days per year operation: 24 hours / day, 330 days / year
Classification 4 effect evaporation plant concentrates MVR evaporator enrichment equipment
Energy Consumption Steam 12.5 t / H Power 700kw / H
Annual energy costs 16,830,000RMB / year 3,326,400RMB / year
Annual savings amount No 13,503,600RMB / year
Comparison of three techniques such as distillation apparatus for the evaporation of
Evaporation, distillation, evaporation and crystallization, evaporation drying apparatus are high energy consumption.
Energy accounts for a large proportion of the running costs of the device, thus reducing and optimizing energy consumption is critical to reducing overall operating costs.
■ There are three main types of technology to achieve specific energy consumption is minimized, can be used alone, in combination can also:
■ More efficient technologies(Multiple Effect Evaporator,MEE)
■ Thermal vapor recompression technology(Thermal Vapour Recompressor,TVR)
■ Mechanical vapor recompression technology(Mechanical Vapour Recompressor,MVR)
1. More efficient technologies
In the multi-effect evaporation plant, the steam from the steam-heated first effect the new generation is not into the condenser, but as a second effect of the heating medium to be used again. So the new steam consumption can be effectively reduced by approximately 50%. Repeat Using this principle, the new steam consumption can be further reduced. The first effect of the maximum heating temperature and the last effect of the lowest boiling temperature of the formation of the total temperature difference, located in each effect. As a result, the temperature difference per effect decreases with an increase with the number of effects. Therefore, in order to reach the specified area of the evaporation rate must be increased heating. Preliminary estimates indicate that the area used for the efficient heating efficiency increases with the number of proportional, so that steam savings while gradually reducing investment costs increase significantly.
A product; B residual steam; C concentrate; D motive steam; E motive steam condensate; F secondary steam condensate; V heat loss
Two direct heating effect evaporator heat flow chart
2. Thermal vapor recompression technology
When the thermal vapor recompression, according to the heat pump principle, the steam from the boiling chamber is compressed to a higher pressure in the heating chamber; i.e., energy is applied to the steam. Due to the higher pressure of the heating chamber corresponding to saturated steam temperature, such that the steam can be reused for heating. For this reason the use of steam ejector. They are based on the principle of a jet pump to operate, no moving parts, the design is simple and effective, and can ensure the highest reliability. Using a thermal vapor compressor and evaporator increase an efficiency savings with the same steam / energy savings. The new steam thermal vapor compressor operation requires a certain number of so-called motive steam. The motive steam must be transferred to the next effect, or as a residual steam is sent to the condenser. Residual energy contained in the residual steam in the steam about the energy provided by power rather.
A product; B secondary steam; B1 residual steam; C concentrate power steam D; E motive steam condensate; V heat loss
Thermal vapor recompression evaporator heating heat flow chart
3. Mechanical vapor recompression technology
Mechanical vapor recompression, a compressor mechanically driven by an evaporator of the vapor compressed to a higher pressure. So then also as a heat pump compressor to work, to increase the energy of steam. And circulating the process fluid (ie a closed system, the refrigeration cycle) compression heat pump contrary, because the steam compressor is again working as an open system, it can be regarded as a special compression heat pump. After the vapor compression and subsequent heating steam condensate, the condensate leaving the loop. Heating steam (hot side) and the secondary steam (cold side) is separated by the heat exchanger surface of the evaporator off. Comparative open and closed compression heat pump compression heat pump show that: the evaporator surface in an open system substantially replace the closed system of the process fluid expansion valve function. By using relatively little energy, i.e., in the compression heat pump compressor wheel case of mechanical energy, heat energy is added to the process medium and enters a continuous loop. In this case, no steam as a heating medium.
A product; B secondary steam; B1 residual steam; C concentrate; D electrical energy; E motive steam condensate; V heat loss
Mechanical vapor recompression evaporator heating heat flow chart
In the multi-effect thermal vapor recompression system, condensation heat to be released is still high. In the multi-effect device, if there are n effect, the heat of condensation energy input of about a 1 / n. Moreover, steam ejector can only compress secondary steam part of the power of steam energy must be released as waste heat to the cooling water. However, the principles of the open compression heat pump used can significantly reduce or even eliminate the heat released by the condenser. To achieve the final thermal equilibrium, may require a small amount of residual energy or condensed residual steam, thereby allowing a constant pressure ratio and stable operating conditions. Using mechanical vapor recompression reasons:
◆Low specific energy consumption
◆Low evaporation due to temperature mild products
◆Due to popular single effect the product residence time is short
◆Process is simple, practical
◆Excellent part load operation characteristics
◆Low running costs
MVR evaporation enrichment equipment:
◆Use MVR (mechanical vapor compression device) put all the secondary vapor compression cycle heating to heat the steam and use of evaporative concentration apparatus.
◆The MVR evaporator installation space is the common multi-effect evaporation is about twice the amount of equipment investment is large, but the running costs than conventional multi-effect evaporator is much lower.
◆To avoid operator error caused by mishandling or MVR failure protection controlled device's operating system is necessary.
The MVR evaporator several forms:
According to the material properties of the final product concentrate concentrate degree of concentration of the major suppliers of the form
Applicable to the boiling point of the material rises (BPE) is not large, compression secondary steam to meet the design requirements of the situation by MVR single. Compared CDFM form, the installation space is smaller, less investment in equipment costs.
Use CSFM not fully reach the evaporator in the form of the case of the design concentration used, the secondary steam for secondary or more times to obtain the compression ratio of the heating steam CSFM higher temperature. CDFM than CSFM equipment mounting space to a large investment in equipment costs are relatively high.
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