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Viscose fiber plant continuous evaporative crystallization of ammonium sulfate device main features
Published : 2015-03-14  Browse :
In plastic fiber production process, the alkali-soluble cellulose sulfonate is decomposed into regenerated cellulose fibers in an acid bath. Some factors that will make the production process a small amount of zinc loss, resulting in the production of waste water containing ammonium sulfate. On the one hand the high cost of zinc, zinc waste should be recycled. Ammonium sulfate pollution of the environment on the other hand, must be treated. Continuous evaporation of ammonium sulfate crystallizer can solve this problem. Ammonium sulfate continuous evaporative crystallizer can be viscose fiber plant wastewater ammonium sulfate recovery, while reducing wastewater chemical indicators, see the following characteristics of this device.
01 complete systems designed beautiful, stable operation, high efficiency, low consumption of steam.
02 concentration ratio, falling film evaporator, the viscosity of the liquid flow easily feed a large evaporation, condensation time is short.
03 special design can be achieved by simple switching effect change, to adapt to different products.
04 evaporation temperature is low, and some secondary steam through the jet hot pump again inhaled effect continuous evaporative crystallizer shell heat underutilized, solid-liquid heat gently for concentrated heat-sensitive materials.
05 continuous evaporation at the top of the mold spray feed or through multiple overflow cloth membrane device to ensure that the material was in a continuous evaporative crystallizer membrane tube evenly distributed to form a film, greatly improving heat transfer coefficient, increase the rate of evaporation, prevents & quot; Drywall & quot; phenomenon.
06 feed solution in a continuous evaporative crystallizer bottom post-vapor-liquid separation, into the separator and then separated, and strengthen the separation, so that the overall device has a greater operating flexibility.
07 large-scale equipment used floor-standing structure, the entire device is compact structure, small footprint, the layout is simple and smooth, on behalf of the development of large-scale complete evaporation equipment.
08 continuous access to feed, feed liquid in the device can be achieved through a desired concentration.
09 sterilization, concentrated two processes at once, short heating time, the heat-sensitive material suitable for concentrated liquid.
10 within the device is equipped with CIP washing lines, enabling cleaning in place, the entire device easy to operate, no dead ends.
11 special structure of the condenser can be run properly in the cooling water temperature is 30 ℃ or higher situation.
12 controls all power from the control cabinet and can be installed to achieve automatic control system based on user requirements.
13 concentrated using specially developed for pumps, seals and reliable, stable performance, minimal maintenance, smooth operation.
14 devices can run continuously.
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