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Evaporation is facing the dual pressures of environmental enrichment equipment and technology
Published : 2015-03-13  Browse :
Evaporating plants need technical breakthrough
Although China is concentrated by evaporation equipment and evaporative crystallization equipment industry has entered a relatively mature stage, able to meet the actual needs of the general fields of industry users, but faced with the dual pressures of environmental protection and technology, evaporation How to upgrade conducted mold in this competitive era, to achieve an arduous and lengthy revolution?
Evaporation and crystallization equipment technology development stage, growing stronger, due to its excellent efficiency as well as many other advantages, overall, advanced evaporation and crystallization equipment way, wide range of applications, the market outlook is good. In people's subconscious, evaporation and crystallization is a very energy intensive process technology for the promotion of energy conservation, evaporation and crystallization technology has been improved gradually replace other energy heating cycle steam heating, domestic enterprises have accelerated evaporation and crystallization studies technology, to some extent, reduce pollution, reduce energy consumption. For the community to create more value and benefits.
For domestic evaporative crystallization equipment manufacturing enterprises, from a fundamental transformation of crystallization on the process, to develop renewable energy and industrial waste heat of evaporation and crystallization technology, to conduct a comprehensive, multi-level energy saving. Environmental protection is a top priority for enterprise development. Domestically speaking frequent fog and haze. Today promote environmental protection, energy saving green travel, sustainable development, strategic view of conservation-oriented society to get the attention of the whole society. Not only national attention, social attention, people are concerned about each one.
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