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What powerful understanding of wastewater evaporator has
Published : 2015-03-13  Browse :
The evaporator is a kind of chemical processing equipment, can be used in the evaporation process various items, which also includes the wastewater. The emergence and use of waste water evaporation, not only solve the wastewater treatment process problems exist, while reducing processing costs, are energy-saving and environmental protection equipment. But the kind of domestic and industrial waste water generated by a lot of wastewater evaporator is how to do it effectively deal with so much water?
Although many types of wastewater, resulting in its characteristics and the way they are handling the ever-changing, but with wastewater evaporator which will not matter. Wastewater evaporator can achieve a variety of evaporation systems, such as double-effect, three-way, four-way, five-effect, to meet the requirements of different types of materials evaporation, evaporation separated water reached the national emission standards.
And the heat transfer coefficient of the water evaporation is relatively large, and therefore require temperature difference made will be relatively small; in addition, the device can also utilize waste steam and other low calorific heat as evaporation heat source, thereby greatly reducing the amount of raw steam, to achieve maximum energy savings, the economic benefits for the enterprise would thus manifested.
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